Week of 06/29/2023

In this release, we've added the ability to customize your components with new design options. In the right-hand navigation of your Space editor under the Design tab, there is a section named Style where you can customize the colors of fill or text for select components.

Theming Updates to Components:

  • Button: Customize colors for fill and text
  • Checkbox: Customize colors for fill and checkbox
  • File Picker: Customize colors for fill and text
  • Flexbox: Option to add background with border
  • Pop-up Form: Customize form layout and color for fill
  • Progress Bar: Customize color for fill
  • Pillbox: Customize color
  • Radio Button: Customize color for fill
  • S3 Uploader: Customize color
  • Stat: Option to adjust size of text
  • Table: Customize color of the header fill and header text
  • Tag Selector: Customize colors of fill and text
  • Tabs: Customize color of the bar and text

Bug Fixes:

  • When component is active, clicking outside component deselects and removes hover state.
  • Clicking active component no longer toggle on/off active state.
  • When component is not in active state, clicking and dragging puts component into active state and remain in active state after letting go.
  • When component is in active state, clicking and dragging another component moves active state to new component, and remain after letting go.
  • For HTTP data sources, binary data would sometimes result in an error. It will now be returned as a base64 encoded string.
  • Dragging an already selected component will deselect it upon drag finish.