Configuring Queues

General Settings

Help your users understand the purpose of your Queue by giving it a name, description, and icon. This information will be available in the Queues dashboard.



Title, State, Assigned to, Created at, and Updated at fields are automatically generated for each Queue. In the Fields section, you can add custom fields to your Queue. These custom fields can be populated when a task is created, updated at any point in your workflow, and/or updated from another Space using the Queue’s function.

The “Type” you select will determine what data the field accepts. You can also mark a field as “Required” to ensure a value is always provided.

Form configuration (create and update tasks)

Internal automatically generates forms for your users to create and update tasks. You can configure these forms to match your specific workflow. Learn more about configuring forms and buttons in Queues.

In addition, you can configure permissions for creating and updating tasks. Learn more about Queues permissions.

States and Actions

Each Queue has a set of states that define how a task progresses from creation to completion.

State name and color

Add a name and color to each state.

Archived states

For any states that are an end state (i.e. the task is completed and there are no actions required), check the “Archive” box. This removes the task from the “All open” tab so your users know there’s nothing more to do.


You can auto-assign a task to a user or a role whenever a task enters the state. The assignee will receive an email notification and see their assigned tasks appear in My Tasks.

Call-to-actions (CTAs)

Each state has a set of CTAs that a user can take to transition a task from one state to another. The label is the text that appears on the CTA button. The button will be featured in the task detail panel when it is set as the primary CTA. When a CTA button is clicked, it can transition to another state (not required).

The CTA can be made up of several actions.

Change assignee

You can reassign a task to another user or role when a CTA is clicked. Use the “Assign to the logged-in user” if you want the task to be assigned to the user who clicks on the CTA.

Execute a function

Just like in Spaces, you can have a button execute a Function or open a Form that executes a function on submit. Select a function and click “Edit form” to configure what happens when the user clicks on the CTA. Read more about forms and buttons in Queues.

Open a url

If you need a button to take a user to a Space or another system, you can add the option to open a url. The url supports templates, similar to the link component.

Let’s say you’ve created a Space to review all of the information in a SQL database related to the task. You’ve set up a URL parameter “user_id” for the Space so that it can load information for the user_id that is provided in the url. In Queues configuration, you can create a template for your Space’s url like this:

Update the current task

If you want to show a form to update the task’s data, choose this option. Read more about forms and buttons in Queues.