After configuring your component with data sources and functions, certain components will have effects options you can customize.

Display Message

This effect allows you to define the text of messages for success and failure of submission of the data from the component.

On Successful Submit - Message to be displayed in a green-colored JavaScript alert message that will show in the UI on successful completion of the transaction between Internal and the target data source.

On Failed Submit - Message to be displayed in a red-colored JavaScript alert message that will show when the transaction fails.



It's also important to note that not including a message will fall back to the "system message" for that component. In the case of a success, this usually produces a JavaScript alert that says "Success" and not much else. In the case of failure, this can be a custom error message added to the meta data transformer in the function editor.

Additionally, only one message is allowed to be configured per function success and one for failure.

Refresh Component

Usually, if your import changes some data that is‍ displayed in the Space, you'll want to refresh the data. On Submit: Refresh Component options allow you to refresh the data of any component in the Space. Simply select the component to refresh from the dropdown. When the submission from your button is successfully complete, the selected component will refresh and display any changes to its data.

Auto Update by Key

This is the default state for "Effects" for this component. When the component submits its data successfully, components that are bound to that function will automatically be updated by key (e.g. Sending an email-address update to a user's table should result in the updating of associated row table data associated with that key.)