Enter values into an input component to use with other components.

Ways to use an Input

Provide input value for several components filters

By binding a single input to multiple components (such as tables, detail or card lists), multiple sets of data can be filtered on a single criteria.


You add an input component called CompanyName. You bind this to the Employees, Orders, and Inventory tables in your space to find records for a specific company.

We'll walk through an example using multiple components in the configuration details below.

Use its value to pre-fill fields in another component

Sometimes you may want to use the value in the input component as a field in components like buttons or forms.


You have an “Activate” button that requires a UserID field. You can bind this to a filter component, so that whenever this button is clicked, the value in the filter component is used as the UserID.

Configuring your Input

Setting up an input is quick - much of the work will happen when you bind to this input through another component's configuration. Give your filter a name and enter in the placeholder text inside the filter.

Default Value

If you want to have a value prefilled in this input filter, you can define it here. Pre-fill it with a value from other components, set a template (which can use other variables), set a UUID or set to null.


Choose what format the values this input will have.

Visibility Rules

You can create visibility rules that will determine when this component is visible and able to be interacted with.


You can customize the design attributes of the Input component.


Let's say we have a table of Companies and a card list of Employees that belong to each company. We want to create a tool that will allow us to search for a particular company and display only their employees in the card list.

We can create an input called companyid and set the text to "Enter a Company ID".

Next, we'll go to the Companies table settings and set it to be filtered by the id column using the value from the companyid input.

We'll also go to the Employees card list settings and set this to be filtered by the company id using the value from the companyid input.

Once these are set up, whenever a user inputs a company id into the input at the top, you'll see both the table and the card list filter the results to just that company.