Multi-Function Execution

You can execute multiple functions using a Form, Button, or Pop-Up Form component.

Configuring Multiple Functions

In a Form, Button, or Pop-Up Form component, you'll see a "+" icon appear next to "Function" once you add your first function. Note that the order in which you add functions can matter if you're planning to use the results of the first function to complete the second function.

Configure the component similar to how you would configure for a single function. However, notice that in the Fields section, you'll now see numbers next to each field to indicate the corresponding function.

For each field, configure any defaults, pre-fill data from other components, and set field types. Note that when a preceding function has return values, you'll also be able to bind to those return values. For example, let's say that function 1 returns a "full name" when it executes. Then, you could configure the "name" field in function 2 to bind to the "full name" of the last execution result of function 1.