Pop-up Form

Open up a pop-up form to perform actions upon submission. Pop-up forms are buttons that open up a form for users to complete; a great option when you need the functionality of a form in the space of a button. When submitted, pop-up forms perform functions like calling APIs, updating data or inserting new data.

Ways to use a Pop-up Form

Add in-line actions

You can add an in-line pop-up form (child component) to a table, detail view, or card list (parent component). The pop-up form is automatically displayed for every record in the parent component.

Get inputs from multiple components (user-editable)

Like a button, you can embed a pop-up form at the top of your space that can take inputs from several components. Unlike a button, these inputs can be reviewed and edited by a user before submission.


You have a table of Drivers and a table of Deliveries. You want to use the driverID from the first table and DeliveryID from the latter as inputs into a custom function. You can set up a pop-up form where driverID and DeliveryID are prefilled fields (from the table data), but the user can still edit these fields.

Pop-up Form Configuration

See the Form component for details on configuring a pop-up form.