Single Sign-On (SSO)

Internal supports four methods of Single Sign-on.

  1. Azure AD Single Tenant
  2. Google OAuth
  3. Okta Open ID Connect
  4. Generic SAML 2.0

Azure AD Single Tenant

Learn more here.

Google OAuth

To enable Google OAuth:

  1. Log in to Internal
  2. In Company Settings, go to the Security tab and click on Single Sign-On.
  3. Select Google OAuth as your SSO provider.
  4. Verify your Google account by clicking "Sign in with Google".
  5. Once verified, check the box "Require employees to use Single Sign-On when signing into their Internal account" to require SSO for all users.
  6. Save your settings.

Okta Open ID Connect

Learn more here.

Generic SAML 2.0

Learn more here.