Connecting to Stripe allows you to view and work with your payments data. You can use Internal to build tools that can write back to Stripe, allowing you to build things like a refund tool for customer service to use.

How to connect

  • Name: Identifier for this data source in Internal.
  • Stripe API Key: The API key from Stripe (secret key).

What happens when you connect

Internal reads from your Stripe data and automatically generates:

  1. A list function for the following datasets: _Balance Transactions, Charges, Customers, Invoices, Orders, Payment Intents, Payment Methods, Refunds. _List functions read data from your data source and allow you to display that data in components - think of these as prebuilt SQL queries, so you don't have to write queries for everything.
  2. An insert, update, and delete function for each dataset. These functions will allow you to manipulate the data.



Values representing currency amounts are in cents, not dollars (or equivalent). E.g. '100' would represent $1.00 not $100.