Connecting to Zendesk allows you to view and interact with your customer service data in Internal. This data can be combined with data from other business apps and databases to create complete views of the customer, including service interactions. You can then use this underlying data to build tools with the ability to write back data to Zendesk and other data sources.

How to connect

  • Domain of your Zendesk account:URL for your Zendesk, e.g., .
  • Email: Email to login to Zendesk with (associated with the below API token).
  • API token:You can generate an API token in your Zendesk API settings.

What happens when you connect

Internal reads from your Zendesk data and automatically generates:

  1. A list function for the following Zendesk datasets: _Organizations, Tickets, Ticket Comments, Users, User Identities. _List functions read data from your data source and allow you to display that data in components - think of these as prebuilt SQL queries, so you don't have to write queries for everything.
  2. An insert, update, and delete function for each dataset. These functions will allow you to manipulate the data.



Zendesk stores "tickets" and "ticket comments" in separate data tables, though you will likely want to view these together. You can associate ticket comments with tickets by mapping __ticket_id in the Ticket Comments table with id in the Tickets table.