Auto-generated Functions

When you connect a data source, Internal will automatically generate functions based on that data source. For most data sources these functions will be "insert", "update", and "delete". See the documentation for each data source to view what functions are automatically generated. Note that in order for Internal to generate these functions, the user account (credentials) that Internal uses to connect to the data source must have permissions to insert, update and delete data -- otherwise these functions will not be generated. Also note that the HTTP data source currently does not support auto-generated functions.

Why are some of my functions missing?

Sometimes auto-generated functions don't get created. If you connected a database and don't see functions, here are a few possible reasons:

  1. The user credentials used during the addition of the Data Source did not have "write permissions" for the table(s) for which the functions were being generated. This can be easily corrected by changing the user's permissions in your DB instance, or by adding the data source again with a user that has the correct permissions.
  2. The table(s) in question lacks a "primary key." This is also fairly easy to address by adding a primary key to the table(s). Often times, the primary key is a user-id or an email address. Each DB type has differing ways of assigning primary keys, so it is best to defer to the documentation for your DB instance for how to do so.

In both cases, please be sure to re-sync your data source in the company settings menu.