How to connect

  • Display Name: Give your data source a name for use within Internal.
  • Project ID: Unique identifier for your project (not project name).
  • Dataset ID: Unique dataset name within your project.
  • Upload: Upload the JSON key file for the Google Cloud service account that you created for Internal.



To connect with Internal, your data source must be publicly accessible, with SSL encryption enabled, and configured to accept connections from Internal’s IP addresses.

What happens when you connect

When you connect BigQuery to Internal, we'll generate the following for you automatically:

  1. A list function for each table in your database. Think of these as prebuilt queries, so you don't have to write queries for everything.

Filtering and Sorting

Internal enables filtering and sorting for all Orderable data types except ARRAY, STRUCT, and GEOGRAPHY. For a list of supported operators, see here.


Internal currently limits the total number of allowed tables to 1000.